Tecna 4050 20 kVA

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Tecna 4050 20 kVA

Large range of modular welders planned to carry out multi-spot machines. These welders have been designed mainly to simplify the projects and to reduce the time necessary to accomplish special welders. Each welder can operate independently. When all the welders are connected in cascade mode, it is possible to carry out welding sequences without any outside supervision. The compact dimensions of these welders, assembled with transformer, electronic control, SCR, cylinders, pneumatic system and cooling circuit, allow to carry out versatile multi-spot systems which can be modified with a minimum expense. By sharing the connection of the welders on 3 phases and by welding in sequence it is possible to carry out high productivity machines with minimum power supply from the electric mains.   ROCKER ARM PNEUMATIC WELDING UNIT - ITEM 4050 - 20 kVA AT 50%

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131517753Puntlasmachine tafelmodel 4050 20 kVA 400 VoltStuk

Besturingsunit  TE 93 
Nominaal vermogen bij 50 % inschakelduur kVA 20 
Maximaal lasvermogen kVA 50 
Kortsluitstroom kA 15 
Maximale lasstroom voor aluminiumkA 
Maximale lasstroom voor staal kA 12 
Lasstroom bij 100% inschakelduur 3500 
Secundaire open spanning 
Voedingsspanning 50 Hz * 400 
Diameter van de voedingskabel L=30m mm2 10 
Afzekering (traag) 40 
Armopening mm 
Uitlading Lmm
Maximale elektrodedruk bij 6 bardaN 320 
Maximale arbeidsslagmm 28 
Persluchtaansluitingbar 6,5 
Maximale arbeidsslagNm3 
Waterkoeling verbruikl/min. 
Netto gewicht van de machinekg 85 

* andere voltages en frequenties op aanvraag